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We know how much everybody loves a story. I was encouraged to pursue this through a number of talks/tweets/articles etc. I was also encouraged beginning this in 2016 with some attempts to incorporate stories into my maths class.

One of the best things I found was ‘crafting’ something that had happened in class into a story (eg. tale of someone who avoided something fearing they would get stuck, later worked it out etc, later revealing it was me!)

Aside from that though, here are some links to stories that I found I could weave into a maths lesson somehow:

Desmos Activities


List of activities sourced (mostly through twitter), that (I fear!) may not appear in regular Desmos search engine…

First up though is this fantastic intro to showcase what Activity Builder can do in desmos. A good one for showing to others who might be interested… Here is another page a teacher compiled when they were running PD’s introducing people to Desmos. OK, now onto the activities:

  • Area of rectangles –┬áStudents learn how to find the area of a rectangle given a grid and side lengths. There formula (A=lw) is not mentioned in this lesson and can be brought up in a class discussion
  • Home run kings – Using data to make predictions, using statistics / graphs
  • Collecting like terms – as it says…begins with character/disney type matchup for practice, then a cardsort on collecting like terms (note the teacher dashboard when you look at results shows you if it’s right or not).
  • MAGIC! Showing how multi-step equations can be used to work out someone’s chosen ‘mystery’ number.
  • Get close to me is a rounding activity (that came from using clothesline maths too).
  • Wolves and sheep is just a fun puzzle, not necessarily curriculum linked.
  • Another puzzle on desmos is the Twin Puzzles, which is a good order of operations task (googling desmos and puzzle might return more ideas too…)