Factorising trinomials

Just in case I forget, Dan’s activity on factoring trinomials by creating a headache – it’s a good one that I’ve used a couple of times and seems to spark enough interest.

Jon Orr’s introduction of factoring is a bit different, but may still have some helpful content?

Indices, Exponents, Powers

Varied names around the world for the same topic! A key starting point in looking at this though is probably Michael Fenton’s blog on the topic, in particular noting the way he talks about the indices as ‘number of factors of’. This idea is talked about further here on Sara’s site where she also includes some other ideas worth looking at. I found the factors idea particularly helpful when discussing fractional indices (it was one of three ways I looked at it – the other of the two ways I think students found helpful was just recognising, for example, how 9^1/2 x 9^1/2 = 9, therefore 9^1/2 must be 3).


NB. Robert Kaplinsky’s ‘Depth of Knowledge‘ page includes a sample of ideas relating to indices (as well as fractions and equations)


This seemed like a good desmos activity – described as combining desmos with open middle!