Year 10 Multiple Events using tables

Maths lessons, Resources

Came across a blog from Sarah Carter with a “Probability Bingo” game. She provides the link for Dave Ferris’ site who provided the idea in the first place – see file attached with the probability-bingo template. Dave also has a range of other probability resources available.

I found this probability Bingo to be a useful introduction to the textbook chapter on multiple events using tables as we built to the stage of determining probabilities by the end of the bingo lesson to work out what was going on. One of the boys had exclaimed part way through words to the effect of:

“you could just practically fill your whole thing with BG’s and you would have won ages ago”

I actually quoted him on the board (which he was quite chuffed about) and we referred back to it at the end of the game (once someone finally did win) to lead into a discussion about the probabilities.


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