33 Tips For Beginning Teachers


33 quick tips that are essential for every beginning teacher – Sourced from http://www.megandredge.com/33-tips-for-beginning-teachers/

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Have fun
  3. Learn students’ names
  4. Be organised
  5. Get to school early
  6. Ask for help
  7. Show respect
  8. Set high expectations
  9. Be consistent
  10. Grow professionally
  11. Laugh at yourself
  12. Don’t judge students too quickly
  13. Try something new
  14. Love learning
  15. Remember to eat lunch
  16. Dress appropriately
  17. Watch other teachers teach
  18. Manage your classroom confidently
  19. Act with integrity
  20. Get to know your colleagues
  21. Say thank you
  22. Listen
  23. Be generous with encouragement
  24. Create classroom culture
  25. Follow through on your promises and consequences
  26. Communicate and connect with parents
  27. Ask questions
  28. Admit your mistakes
  29. Always have a plan B
  30. Accept yourself
  31. Network with other beginning teachers
  32. Remain passionate, no matter what
  33. Enjoy the journey

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