Classroom management: seating comment


“Where your students sit is also vitally important. Science tells us that females typically have better hearing then males, yet many of us place the boys at the back of the room. Have a schedule for changing where students sit; students like to move places and enjoy the room design changing. In coeducational classes, most students enjoy seating arrangements where boys sit with girls throughout the room. This builds relationships between the sexes. Girls, generally speaking, can also model how to learn and their extra maturity, again generally speaking, can be a calming influence on boys.”

Taken from ~  Title: Difficult behaviour : beyond telling off. Author: Hockey, AnthonySource: Teacher; n.216 p.12-14; November 2010 Journal Title: Teacher Issue: 216 Pagination: 12-14


Also:”changing students’ position in the classroom without increasing their motivation is not likely to improve school performance.”

Interesting quote on the whole classroom seating issue from an article I looked at – ‘Association of student position in classroom and school performance’ by Victor Alberto Tagliacollo, Gilson Luiz Volpato, Alfredo Pereira Junior


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